Pregnancy Week 8: Old Wives' Tales

Your relatives and friends may start noticing if you're craving for sweet or salty foods. This is a favourite Old Wives' Tale - if a pregnant woman is craving for sweets, she is going to be mommy to the sweetest doll, and if its salty crackers that you're binging or having protein-rich foods, it's sure to be a prince charming on his way!



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Is it really true ??? Plzzz share ur experiences

I'm craving for pickeles and spicy..for my first kid baby boy..this time I want baby girl☹️

Mujhe ice cream bohot khana k man kar raha hai or chocolate 😃happy

I'm sometimes craving for sweet laddoos... and sometimes for spicy pickles... I'm actually confused😳

I too have carving for only hot, spicy, salty sour food. And feel too much vomiting by seeing or smelling any sweet dish.

I'm very confuse about taking food..I won't like it spicy food but I like to eat nonveg curry type..N not more sweet too.

Icecream or sweets khane ka; bahut man karta hai par dar lagata hai sweets khane me kyu ki meetha khane se baby ka wait badhata hai or delivery ke time bhut problem ho jati hai.

I crave for both :D

Craving for both bt more for sour n salty

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