An Inspiring Mom Entrepreneur Story...

An Inspiring Mom Entrepreneur Story...

Entrepreneur, founder of The Moms Co. and a rockstar mommy herself - Malika Sadani shared with us the story that led to the birth of her brand. Because we at BabyChakra are all about celebrating moms, here is sharing her inspiring story. As told by her...


Being a mom is one of the best life experiences one can have but it does bring along the huge responsibility of taking care of another person, someone whose needs are more important than yours and someone whose safety and well being is of utmost importance to you. The Moms Co. emerged out of this very need for safer, natural products which are free of all potentially harmful chemicals and toxins. Products we can use ourselves, confidently and without doubt.


I moved to London when I was expecting my first daughter Myraah and had to get used to making a lot of decisions, without help! New country, new people, new methods and an altogether different outlook towards pregnancy. From whether I wanted to opt for water birth to whether I want my husband to cut baby’s umbilical cord, baby straight to chest post delivery to a clean baby in your arms, from what to feed your child to what to use for her, I had to decide everything and not by the doctors and adults who would guide me but by going through those documents and documents that the midwives and my GP gave me.


It was then that I got introduced to the harmful effects of chemicals and toxins in products. Like every other mom who wants the best for her kids, I decided to stay away from everything harmful or even potentially harmful for my daughter.


After relocating from London, I was surprised at how hard it was to find safer, natural, toxin free products which were great to use and were super effective. I came back with a huge stock but that soon finished.


I remember when Myraah developed atopic eczema at the age of 1.5yrs how I went through pediatricians and round of those jells till I finally met a doctor who mentioned babies have it usually because of dry skin and all that I needed was a safe, good moisturizer. We switched and its been 4 years now we haven’t had a repeat. It was around the same time that she also came down with her first diaper rash from a locally available apparently good quality diaper. That did it; I was completely dependent on friends and family to stock up those Natural products which I was using before. Keeping a check on their travel dates and ensuring deliveries in time wasn’t easy.  Myraah used to joke that mummy stocks a mini-canteen at home. On speaking to other moms I was suddenly aware of the huge community of moms including friends and family who were struggling with the same problem – they would try and get everything from skin products, to foods and sometimes even diapers when their friends could bring! For those who couldn’t, they resorted to local “import shops” where they would question the quality and the products would always hurt the pocket.


We realized this couldn’t be a long-term solution for all Indian moms. Why should a simple product purchase be so difficult? A compromise of either safety, or effectiveness, or quality, or cost and most important the peace of mind for mom!


With this in mind, over the last three years we worked hard to get the right experts on board, with the best ingredients and manufacturers. We worked with experts across India, Switzerland and Australia to create products that use only the best natural ingredients which have no doubt on safety across the globe. Products built around an idea that a mom should never have to compromise, and a company on a mission to help moms make safe, easy, natural, effective choices.



Living by Nature In. Toxins Out.

We use only the best natural ingredients that you would find globally being adopted. You’ll see Seabuckthorn Oil (with the goodness of Omega 3,6,9) and Rosehip Oil (known for collagen synthesis) in our Butter and Oils; Natural Pro-Vitamin B5 and coconut based cleansers in our Wash; and even Shea, Argan, Olive and more oils in our Foot Cream! We choose ingredients which imbibe the goodness of nature and have fantastic benefits for moms.


We set a very high bar on safety of our products and all our ingredients go through validation across the safety databases across USA, Europe, Canada and even Japan. Our final formulations go through a series of rigorous safety and stability tests. Since we cater to a very sensitive audience we ensure all our products are dermatologically tested for sensitive skin. All our products are also Certified Toxin Free, to make sure moms never have to worry about the safety of The Moms Co products. 



We spoke to hundreds of moms before we decided to first launch our pregnancy range as we believe protection for your baby must start from the time he/she is in your womb. And of course who can be a better judge of the products for her baby than the mom herself. Our range of products for moms are available on BabyChakra for you to view and buy. You can also avail a free sample by registering here.

We strive hard to ensure that all our products are made with love, without compromise to bring to you only the safest and the best. Products we can use on ourselves and our families fearlessly and without doubt.


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