Pregnancy Week 9: Baby Growth

Pregnancy Week 9: Baby Growth

29 May 2017 | 1 min Read


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By Week 9, your baby’s tiny heart has finished dividing into four chambers, and the valves have begun to form. Teeth too have begin to form. The embryonic “tail” we mentioned in earlier weeks is now completely gone. Your baby is now developing a spine and the back is starting to straighten. The head, which is larger in proportion to the body is bent towards the chest. External sex organs are now present but won’t be distinguishable during an ultrasound for a couple of few weeks.

Today your growing baby is nearly an inch long, weighs around 2 grams and is about the size of a grape. With all the body parts now formed, it has also started resembling a tiny little human being.

Your placenta which almost fully developed, will take charge of your baby’s nutrition from now on.