Pregnancy Week 9: Old Wives' Tales

Some say that if a mum-to-be is glowing, she is carrying a baby boy and if her skin appears dull, she is carrying a baby girl. Suggesting that the baby girl takes away from her mum’s beauty! This is just another myth.



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Beena chile

my case was other way my first child is boy and i had real bad skin and dullness


Tells me how..

shikha sikri

My case was also opposite i had a baby boy n i became ugly with dark complexion lot of pimples and marks on face


I have heard the opposite one..

Hardeep Dhaliwal

Even i have also heared the opposite,old; wives say if mother have a glowing skin that means she have carrying a sweet girl, and if face look dull then she have carrying a boy..

Rimjhim Khandelwal

You are saying it opposite. I think you are lacking of information🤣🤣

Kavya Darshan

I wish I knew this before

Neha Bhatt

My case is opposite my first child is girl and I had very glowing skin

Monica kasvi

My case was also opposite i have a baby girl i had very glowing skin..


In which month baby gender comes to define?


3 rd month

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