Pregnancy Week 10: Physical Development

Woah! You are already inching towards the twelve-week mark! Your body is getting used to the cute little visitor growing inside you and is doing everything to make them feel at home.

Your uterus is growing rapidly (now the size of a grapefruit!) even though it’s still in the pelvic cavity and your bump is not prominent to others. You will definitely be feeling pregnant though, thanks to the nausea and bloating.

If you have always exercised then you should continue doing so during pregnancy, provided your doctor approves of it! If you haven’t been exercising, then start with regular walks. Walking is the best exercise for you to begin with as it needs no expert supervision.

Pregnancy Week By Week

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Rashmeet Kaur

This is just in time


This is just in time


This is just in time

Shruti Singhal

I wish I knew this before

zalak shah

Thank you so much for the post.. but my doctor has advised not to walk... is it OK??because people keep on saying that if you will not walk it will not lead to normal it true ?? Please help

balbinder kaur

I wish I knew this before

Nimmi rathore

No zalak shah that is not mendataory actually physical excercise stretch Ur muscle..which help in delivery time ..but in some specialcases Ur Dr. Advice not to do so .u should active only in pregnancy is must ...

Sandip Rathod

This is just in time

Vaishali Bhateja

This is just in time

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