Pregnancy Week 10: Old Wives' Tales

People might advise you to eat plenty of white-coloured foods such as milk and milk products to give birth to a fair child. Yawn at this - another popular and untrue myth!

Your baby’s skin colour depends on his/her genetic makeup and not on the food you eat. Have your white foods if you must, but only as a dietary requirement to increase your calcium intake. Remember that all skin colours are beautiful!


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I wish I knew this before

hahahha... dats so true... even i believe dat wat ever u eat jst eat healthy...

Thanks for sharing..

I have a few questions for you?
1.What's the basis of your claim that food doesn't have any effect on baby.
2. Have you done any research?
3. If yes what was the sample size of that research and where is it published.
4. If you have read a research done by some firang university then too you must quote the source. More over firani researches don't work in India due to obvious reasons. Till I get good answers to my questions, I'm going to believe in 'Old tales' cos these tales have worked well till proven otherwise.
Enough outrage for today and yes all colors are beautiful. Chao 😁

Tells me how..

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