6 Must Haves When Setting Up Your Baby’s Nursery

6 Must Haves When Setting Up Your Baby’s Nursery

A colourful, soft, warm and funky nursery becomes your child’s first cozy corner outside the womb. Growing up, the baby gets used to this comfortable space of their own and learn to sleep easy as soon as he/she hits their teeny weeny bed. The nursery also becomes the first play area of your little one. It also gives sufficient resting space to the parents in their own bed while the baby sleeps in the nursery.

It can however be confusing, deciding how to do up your baby’s nursery – so here we are with our top picks, giving you a helping hand with this herculean task!




As soon as you have a cot and a mattress decided for your little one, the first thing you should pick is a bumper. The bumper prevents children from getting hurt while they learn to roll. This particular piece from the Fancy Fluff is bright and colourful, suitable for a child’s nursery. Plus the thickness of the bumper is just right.


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The moment I laid my eyes on this one, I knew I wanted it! Printed with colourful and cute looking animals, this comforter is lightweight and keeps the little ones snug. It also matches my crib bumper so that was an added bonus!  

Growing up around these animal prints, my twins have learnt to point out the various animals on the comforter and we knit stories around these images while they sleep peacefully in their nursery. A set of one comforter and matching cushions is also available, but I wanted to pick fancier cushions so I picked the comforter alone.

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This little hanging turned out to be the best friend of my kids – in their leisure time they often play with it, trying to reach for them. These pretty little hanging stars are small in size, just right for your baby to learn how to grip onto something, and have been made in attractive colours, making them my favourite too!

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Just as we were setting up the nursery and buying little toys for our twinadoes, we stumbled upon this toy storage box and we immediately lost our heart to its cuteness. My husband unbelievably bought one to organize his stuff as well (of course, why should babies have all the fun!)

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Neptune Sea Horse



Rattle Ring 

Softie Balls 



My husband and I went binge shopping for the toys! We bought several cute ones and totally fell in love the shiny Darla – Pink dragon, the softie balls, rattle rings, Neptune – the seahorse and Sami - the fish. The eyes of these stuffed toys look so fascinating – I don’t mind sneaking one into my own room at times. These soft toys are also stuffed with dried beans which help the toy retain structure  for a long time and offer sensations when babies touch them.


This comforter cum teether comes from the house of a very famous international brand and when you see the product, it definitely looks like it is worth the money! So, so soft – it is pretty much like layering your child in a thin layer of flower petals. The teether is said to be made of natural rubber, which makes it very soft, where your teething baby can dig in their teeth while you rest assured of the quality of the product.  It gives the child a firm grip helping him/her learn to hold onto things. It is a must have for growing babies as its light and mild colours add on to its beauty!

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This article takes you through the basic essentials you need when setting up your baby’s nursery, though there is no boundaries on what all you can add in order to feel satisfied about your little lion’s den. Always remember to pick up bedding, comforters and bumpers before you paint the nursery, so that you can colour coordinate the entire set up. Also, remove all toys and extra items from the crib before you lay your little one in for a nap. Keeping it clutter free eliminates any risk of the baby being hurt or suffocating by them.

How did you like this article? Do you have something to add to this? Do let us know in the comments section below.


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