Pregnancy Week 11: Activity

Speak to other moms. Those who've already made the transition have a deep understand of what you are going through and can offer sound advice. Some expecting moms utilise this time to bond with their mother as they look at her to be an important source of support. If you feel you are walking a lone path, worry not cause BabyChakra Moms are right here for you. You can reach out to BabyChakra MomStars here! Its a great place to speak, seek advise or even rant about what is happening to you.



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I wish I knew this before


I'm 11 weeks pregnant n find too much difficult to sleep at nyt. M a working woman
Kindly suggest smthn

shaileja nema

Hi im 12 weeks preggy n i feel pregnant no more.. is all ok

kalyani W

Even I am 12week pregnant and having same feeling

Utkarsh Patel

M also 11 weeks pregnant and m also have same prblm..pls give us some suggestions

Manasa Vijay

Even i am 12weeks pregnant i too feel the same.


I am 11 week pregnant,having same feeling to sleep at night..pls share any suggestions to sleep at night long


I m 11 weeks pregnant nd feeling vry problem when i sit or lay down the bed for 5-10 min hips feeling ache when i is really painful some time


I am 12 weeks and I also have the same problem when sleeping or standing. The tummy is also not out yet..worried what will happen when tummy grows


I m 11 week pregnent and feel like vomit after evening


Hi. I am 11 weeks pregnant and been vomiting too much.

Bhakti Soni

Q am 11 week pregnant.. now days am getting pain on my stomach and cant able to sleep at night...

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