Pregnancy Week 12: Baby Growth

Your baby is now 7-8 cms long and weighs 10-12 grams - about the size of a lime. Their teeny toes can curl, the brain is growing furiously, and the kidneys are starting to excrete urine. Your baby's face now looks undoubtedly human since the eyes and ears have moved to right where they should be.

You little one has now developed reflexes is also sensitive to touch now that the brain is fully formed. This also means the baby can feel the sensation of pain. If you were to prod your abdomen, your baby will react by squirming away from the point of pressure. However, the first time you will feel anything will be from week 18 onwards, so if you do feel movement before that, it’s probably just gas!



Pregnancy Week By Week

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12 weeks pregnant

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What about 9weeks pregnancy

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This is so well written.


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Aditya KH

This is just in time

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