Pregnancy Week 12: Risks And Red Flags

Pregnancy Week 12: Risks And Red Flags

31 May 2017 | 1 min Read


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Avoid eating out as restaurant food can be high in salt and saturated fats. If you must eat outside, choose your options wisely. Opt for clear gravies, stir fried vegetables and share your dessert. This practice will also keep your calories in check.

This also goes for eating home-cooked food. Your family will insist that you eat enough for two but you shouldn’t forget that the second person is only around 10 grams, so doubling the food intake is not required. Your body needs only about 300 extra calories every day which is equivalent to 2 regular rotis, a small cup of vegetables and a cup of toned/ skimmed milk. That’s all the extra food you require in a 24 hour period.