Pregnancy Week 12: Activity

Make a baby budget

There is nothing quite as exciting - or as expensive - as having a child. It's time to sit down with your baby daddy and discuss how you will handle the financial pressure. Start by splitting your costs into 'one-time' (crib, stroller, baby carrier etc.) and 'monthly' expenses (food, diapers, clothes etc.). If both of you are planning to continue working, your biggest expense will probaby be childcare so this is a must to factor into your spending.

You should also consider a long-term investment strategy to take care of your child's future goals. Just food, transport and an elementary college graduation can cost a couple close to 50 lakh! You can start with a small amount and meet with a financial planner to decide the best way to invest.



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This is so well written.

I wish I knew this before

This is just in time

What should I do for bitter toungue which I feel often after eating anything

This so well written

Shaanky Negi

I wish I knew this before

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