Pregnancy Week 13: Emotional Changes

Pregnancy Week 13: Emotional Changes

By now, you surely have a small yet distinctive bump near your lower abdomen. If you wish, you can still hide your pregnancy by wearing loose, flowy clothes. Time for all those A-line dresses to make an appearance!

As feelings of nausea and tiredness start to become a distant memory, it’s perfectly normal to worry about whether you're still pregnant. Strange as it sounds, you may even find that you miss these little reminders that you’re expecting!

Take time to focus on some of the wonderful symptoms of pregnancy. You’re probably starting to get that pregnancy glow and your hair will be feeling fuller and more luxurious. Allowing yourself to feel good about your pregnant body will help to take your mind off any worries you may be having.

'I assumed that my morning sickness would never end. So when it did end, it took me a few days to realise how amazing I now feel!'

If you do have any concerns about your health, or your baby's health, you can always give your midwife a call. She’ll be expecting you to ask questions as your pregnancy progresses.



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