Pregnancy Week 14: Signs And Symptoms

Lady, you are already going strong into your second trimester, yay! The feeling of tiredness, nausea and lethargy will mostly disappear from this week on and your breasts may be feeling less tender. If not, hang in there as it's likely it will pass soon.

You might develop a dark line on your body which runs down the centre of your abdomen. This is called the linea nigra. This line, along with the other hormonal changes will disappear a few weeks post birth.



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Comments (11)

I did not get line nigra still. this is my first pregnancy.

Same lines

I feel light abdominal pain

I got the line

I got the line

I wish I knew this before

Wat r d best diet for me

This is just in time

I have'nt seen d linea nigra line on my abdomen yet

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