Pregnancy Week 15: Baby Growth

Pregnancy Week 15: Baby Growth

This week, your baby is 4 inches in length (the size of an apple) and weighs approximately 50 grams. The translucent skin and the outline of blood vessels can be now seen. Amniotic fluid is passing through her nose and upper respiratory tract. This helps the baby in developing primitive air sacs in her lungs.

Her legs are growing longer than her arms and she can now move all her joints and limbs. This is the stage when your baby begins to sense light. Even if her newly formed eyelids are fused shut she will move away if you shine a flashlight at your tummy. The other news is the forming of taste buds.

If you are scheduled for an ultrasound this week, you may be able to know if its a Prince Charming or a Pretty Princess you need to prepare for! However, don't be disappointed if your baby decides to keep it a mystery and surprise you on the day of delivery!


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