Pregnancy Week 15: Signs And Symptoms

Pregnancy Week 15: Signs And Symptoms

You may be well into your second trimester and may not face any significant symptom, but you may still be surprised! If your nose are suffering from a stuffed nose, here's a reason why! It's the effect of increased blood flow to your mucous membranes coupled with hormonal changes. Some expecting moms also suffer nosebleeds as a this.

You may also consider to schedule a dental check up as your gums are likely to be puffy and swollen. There could be bleeding aswell. During pregnancy, your teeth will also be more prone to the buildup of plaque and tartar. A dental check up and clean up is harmless. However, if you need additional dental treatments, check with your doctor.

If you're doctor suggests doing amniocentesis, it is likely happen between now and 18 Weeks. Wondering what is amniocentesis? It is a test that can identify hundreds of genetic and chromosomal disorders.




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