Pregnancy Week 15: Emotional Changes

Pregnancy Week 15: Emotional Changes

5 Jun 2017 | 1 min Read


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Talking to the bump may seem a little odd at first but you’ll get used to it eventually. This exercise will help you feel connected with your baby. You can read to the baby or even sing to her/ him.

It is important to involve the baby’s father in this activity. Daddy-to-be may find it odd to talk to your tummy, but that’s the way your baby will be able to recognize his voice.

Other sounds that your baby is hearing inside is that of your heart beating, the swirling of the amniotic fluid and your digestive tract processing food.

By now you and your hubby may start feeling a little stressed. Thoughts about baby’s health, your health, how you’re going to manage the changes ahead etc may bother you time-to-time. But as physical discomforts dwindle, you will soon begin to enjoy this wonderful time.