Pregnancy Week 16: Signs And Symptoms

You may experience what feels like a few gas bubbles in your lower abdomen. It's really difficult to tell but this could actually be the early movements of your baby!

Don’t worry though if you can’t feel your baby moving just yet. Some mothers do not feel their baby’s movements until almost week 24. This could be due to various reasons – excessive fat around the abdomen, excessive amniotic fluid, an anterior positioned placenta or a very busy mum-to-be who missed paying attention!

You may generally be feeling a lot better about your pregnancy as you have less mood swings and fewer bouts of nausea. Other people will also start complimenting you on your 'glowing' complexion!



Pregnancy Week By Week

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Rumi Domadia

This is exactly what I was looking for.

Divya Patel

yaah actually  its happens

Neha Neha

Glowing.... no way.... 😣😣

Neha Neha

Glowing.... no way.... 😣😣



Lexmi Elixir

I wish I knew this before

Shruti Sonkamble

Not at all glowing..; Looking dumb face

Talida Mukhia

glowing yes I am loving it

Madhumita Shah

no glow, pimples are der

Sakshi verma

No signs of glow yet 😑 yesterday we went to gynac for regular checkup. She asked 'are you roaming alot got tanned'.

Sonam Khan

no glow at all😯.dull face and acne


Having dull face😒

Nkt Slnk

Tells me how..

Shivangi Jain

No glow at all, infact more dull than before due to gas nd vomit


No glow. Looking pale and sick.People are asking if I am not taking food 😭😭


This is just in time


Not glowing

Krutika Gor

Glowing - really...😑

Ekta Jain

Glowing yes...I am loving it...this is exactly what I was looking for😊

Priyanka Jain

This is so well written.

Minal Dulgach Ghaghda

Not at all glowing...😠😫


Yes I am glowing and my hairs hv turned strong n shiny....also felt d moments yesterday for d first tym...

Saleha Shaan Belim

I can feel my baby moving

Shivangi Dixit

Very well written and Glowing.. Yes!!! 😊

Janani Sridhar

While sitting quietly i can feel like something is busy inside me 😊😊😊😊

Smita Singh

I wish I knew this before

Nimmi rathore

M not glowing.. 🤔

Poulami Guha Bansal

Luv my glow😍😍


I wish I knew this before

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