Pregnancy Week 17: Signs And Symptoms

Your body’s fluid volumes are now increasing and this makes you feel hot, a lot! Many pregnant women find that they sweat much more than normal around this time. Take frequent showers to feel fresh and wear cotton clothes to feel more comfortable and allow the skin to breathe.

You might find yourself sniffling all the time. This is very common as your nasal passages may feel constantly blocked.

It is also a good time to get an eye checkup done, since pregnancy hormones may increase your vision number by half a point. If you are finding it difficult to read fine print or are experiencing blurry vision, then visit the eye doctor to rule out a number change.


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I wish I knew this before

This is just in time, I m facing eye sight problem n was wondering what is happening.

True...since last two days I am wondering y am feeling so hot!

2 of the points are totally true for me..m sweating like crazy since 4-5 nose is also blocked at the same time!

my eyes are itching I don't know if it's due to my pregnancy. but yes my nose is running.

My eyes are also itching and feeling sleepy. This might be because of pregnancy and feeling very hot.

I wish I knew this before

I feel hot if the AC is off. My nose blocks when the AC is on. My eye finds it stressful when I try to see long distance.

M sneezing every now and then 😢😢

I have pain in legs. is that also common?

Yup it's true yesterday was really anxious that y m sweating too much ...helpful post...thanx to baby chakra

This is so well written.

Sounds like so much fun.

This is exactly what I was looking for.

Frustrated of cold and sneezing all time...from last 1.5 month constantly suffering from this allergy kind of cold...had medicines of 5 day course two times during this but no difference..can anyone here suggest what to do as now i dont want to have medicines any more...plz suggest.

Hi preethi, pls boil pomegranate chilka or cover until water turns brown, put little sugar for taste. Drink at night. This should help

Good information

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