Pregnancy Week 17: Activity

This is a good time to start making a list of baby names. If you’re looking for ideas, there are quite a few options available online that can help you sort names according to origin, meaning, etc. Get your hubby to take part in this exercise. Each of you can make a list of 10 names for a boy n girl. Exchange and discuss which names you like or dislike. Deciding your baby's name is an important exercise. Birth certificate, school, college, all important documents will have the name. So choose carefully :)



Pregnancy Week By Week

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Nupur Agrawal

This is just in time

Nargis Dilawar

I wish I knew this before
will start searching for today onward


Sounds like so much fun.

Dhwani Shah

Pls suggest some good boys name from J

Pooja Ahuja Navlani

Please suggest some good names for boys

Priyanka Jain

Sounds like so much fun.

Sagar Saraswat

Soo much fun...

Hemangi Ahire

I wish I knew this before

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