Pregnancy Week 19: Baby Growth

Pregnancy Week 19: Baby Growth

This week is all about sensory development and more growth! Your baby now weighs about 200 grams and her/his overall length from crown to rump (buttocks) is 15 cm. Its now about the size of a tomato Between now and birth, your baby will increase her/his weight by more than 15 times! Needless to say, you are about to be heavily pregnant.

Your baby’s brain continues to grow at an amazing pace too. Over the next 20 weeks, the brain will make many connections between the developed neurons. This process is called synaptogenesis. About 17% of the synaptogenesis happens during pregnancy and about 83% takes place after birth.

You can actually enhance your baby’s sensory development. Just keep talking and singing to your baby or play soothing music.



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