Pregnancy Week 20: Signs And Symptoms

From this week onwards, your weight gain will be more rapid. Remember to eat healthy!

Sleep might become a bit difficult now that your belly is larger.

It’s a good idea to invest in a wedge pillow to help you sleep comfortably and support the growing weight in your abdomen.

You might also start experiencing cramps around your legs around this time.



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Vry helpful. ..Thank you

thank U, v helpfull

True...Feeling almost the same symptoms...Helpful ..
Thank you

I am unable to feel the baby kicks?

This is just in time

This is just in time. THANKS

This is so well written.

This is so well written.

True.... And helpful...thank you so much baby Chakra

I wish I knew this before

Feeling baby kicks :-*

This is so well written.

I wish I knew this before

Absolutely right. I am feeling severe cramps in the lower Abdomen. as well unable to change sides at night

very helpful

Am doing sex my hubby ??

Thnx for info...
But m having pain in my back nd my hips. Not able to sleep properly..

experiencing same thing

Hlo; frnds

Frnds mera fifth month complete ho raha hai or muje Abhi baby movement feel ni horaha

Hi Reet, did you talk to your doctor regarding this ?

This is just in time

True.....same feeling

I am not graining weight nd worried about baby

Yeah I'm also feeling cramps in my legs & sleepless nights ND days too

I do get cramps in the lower abdomen but not sure if these are baby's movement

Thanks for the information

This is so well written.

Very helpful

This is so well written.

This is just in time

thanks 4 info..

hello in my dopler repory its written that there is high resisitance to uterine flow with a diastolic notch n m worrird

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