Pregnancy Week 22: Old Wives' Tales

A very popular old wives’ tale at this stage of your pregnancy is predicting the gender of the baby using a gold chain and a diamond ring.

It is said that when a chain passed through a diamond ring is held over the baby bump, it moves either in circles or back and forth.

Circles indicate a darling daughter (DD) is on the way and the back and forth motion indicate a darling son (SO)! Play this game for fun, but be assured that the chain’s movement has nothing to do with your baby’s gender.

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Sounds like so much fun.

tangerala swati

Sounds like I need a diamond ring :-D💍💍


Not feeling any baby movement since yesterday.. m worried. Already had 2 miscarriage before.. what to do please suggest


Have a warm water shower..massage the tummy...still if you feel no movement pls see the doc

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