Pregnancy Week 22: Old Wives' Tales

A very popular old wives’ tale at this stage of your pregnancy is predicting the gender of the baby using a gold chain and a diamond ring.

It is said that when a chain passed through a diamond ring is held over the baby bump, it moves either in circles or back and forth.

Circles indicate a darling daughter (DD) is on the way and the back and forth motion indicate a darling son (SO)! Play this game for fun, but be assured that the chain’s movement has nothing to do with your baby’s gender.


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Sounds like so much fun.

Sounds like I need a diamond ring :-D💍💍

Not feeling any baby movement since yesterday.. m worried. Already had 2 miscarriage before.. what to do please suggest

Have a warm water shower..massage the tummy...still if you feel no movement pls see the doc

Xyz , had you been on fast of karwachauth yesterday? . Might be because of that if yes is your answer. And for movements, have something sweet like halwa or cake or fruit juice or Aftrr a meal have some jaggery and then Aftrr that lay down on your left side. You will surely feel the movement after one hour or within one hour of having something sweet. Have lots of fluids. Do try if this is not work then go for doctor.

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