Pregnancy Week 24: Physical Development

Pregnancy Week 24: Physical Development

12 Jun 2017 | 1 min Read


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Your uterus is now well above your belly button. You are still feeling energetic, so plan for a babymoon with your spouse if you haven’t already. Remember to carry a ‘fit to fly’ letter from your doctor as some airlines might not allow you to travel unless permitted by a doctor.

Also, remember to be diligent with your prenatal exercises. If you haven’t started an exercise routine yet, sign up now. It’s always good to start slow and then gradually build up tempo as your stamina increases.

Experiment with different clothes now that your bump is high. Dresses look lovely over baby bumps, so have a little fun with your look. Remember to wear well-padded footwear; uncomfortable footwear could give you an achy back and make you more susceptible to falls.