Pregnancy Week 27: Physical Development

At Week 27 you will start gaining weight more rapidly and this might suddenly be very noticeable. Continue to wear loose, comfortable clothes and proper footwear.
You may begin to feel pelvic pressure, lower back pain, menstrual-like cramping or abdominal pain. If any of these happen, contact your doctor immediately!



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This is just in time

Am suffering with lower back pain right now 😓

M also suffering from same lower back pain n leg pain n kv kv core joint pain

Tells me how..

I m also same problem in this time😥

Mrudula Raghavarapu @divya Ridhdhi Soni
It's common as the baby grows.. use pillows for support.
Backache During Pregnancy

This is just in time

I hav lower back pain also thr s cramp in my stomach evry morning..I'm facing alot of constipation too..Plz if someone can guide

I feel more pelvic pressure and pain that also more during sleeping time ...

The Dr said my baby is breech,do i need to worry or not.

This is so well written.

I also feel pelvic pressure and pain during sleeping, why this please suggest

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