The Essential Daily Diaper Bag Checklist

The Essential Daily Diaper Bag Checklist

15 Sep 2014 | 3 min Read

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Essentials for your Baby! Print out and use this diaper bag checklist for toddler.

1. Diapers: One for each hour you’ll be out, plus a few extra – just in case.

2. Wipes: You can stick ten or so in a plastic bag if you’re not going out for long. Wipes are perfect

Not just for diaper changes, but also for sticky hands and dirty surfaces:-

1. Hand Sanitizer: for cleaning your hands after diaper changes when there’s no time or place to wash them.

2. Powder Puff: To pat your baby’s skin after every nappy change.

3. Changing Pad/Sheets: Many diaper bags come with a reusable changing pad, or you can buy one separately. Some parents like the disposable ones for traveling. A hand towel from home will also do.

4. Bottle(s) of formula or expressed breast milk if you’re bottle-feeding

5. Snacks (for older babies and toddlers) Depending on the age of your child, this could include a jar of baby food and a spoon, or finger foods. Bring a few bibs as well.

6. Sippy cup of milk, water, or juice (for toddlers)

7. Blanket: You can use it to cover your baby or as a changing pad, nursing cover, bib, shade, or burp cloth.

8. Apparels:
Extra clothes for your child. You never know when spit-up, drool, spills, or poop explosions will necessitate a change of clothing.

9. Pacifier:
(if your child uses one) or other comfort item

10. Nursing cover: For breastfeeding in public, these fabric drapes cover your chest and give more privacy than the basic blanket-over-the-shoulder approach.

11. Breast pads for nursing moms: Slip these in your bra to absorb breast milk leaks.

12. Toys or Rattles: toddler going to a restaurant often requires a lot of entertaining distractions, while a 4-month-old may be happy with one rattle.

Make sure you have the phone numbers of your family’s doctors programmed in your cell phone and health insurance cards in your wallet.

The essentials for Mommys

If you’re not carrying a separate purse, make sure to pack your essentials, too! These may include:

1. Wallet

2. Keys

3. Cell phone

4. Sunglasses

5. Pen and paper

6. Snacks, mints, or gum

7. Bottle of water or other drink

8. Book or magazine

9. New shirt in case of spit-up or a spill or nursing spills.

Tips when selecting a Diaper bag tips:

1. A waterproof lining makes life easier when spills occur.

2. Multiple compartments can keep your items organized and easy to find.

3. Prevent leaks by packing medicines and snacks in resealable plastic bags.

4. Save time by packing similar items together, such as clothing, in a resealable bag.

5. Consider buying two diaper bags – a small one for quick trips and a larger one for longer outings. Some parents keep a basic diaper bag or changing supplies in the car at all times.

6. Try diaper bags on for size. No one bag is comfortable and convenient for everyone.

If you don’t find something you think will work well for you, broaden your search.

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