Pregnancy Week 30: Signs And Symptoms

Pregnancy Week 30: Signs And Symptoms

Experiencing leg cramps in the middle of the night from this week onwards is fairly common. This is a result of lack of blood circulation which is due to the growing belly and thickening blood. You can take care of this by ensuring adequate intake of fluids and drinks.

It is also very common to feel breathless, lose your appetite and feel uncomfortable in the ribs as your uterus presses against the stomach. Precisely why, it’s time you focus on your prenatal Kegel exercises.

You might feel tired these days, especially if you're having trouble sleeping. You might also feel clumsier. At this stage are you heavier with your pregnant belly and that causes a shift in your center of gravity. Thanks to hormonal changes, your ligaments at this point are more lax and your joints looser, which also contributes to your being off balance.


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