Pregnancy Week 31: Emotional Changes

One of the biggest fears that haunts most expecting moms is that they will not reach the hospital in time and deliver in the car itself! This happens a lot in the movies and rarely in reality. Keep in mind that for most first time mothers, labor usually lasts for 12-24 hours and this gives you enough time to get to the hospital safely.


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Pregnancy Week By Week

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Kinjal Darbar

I wish I knew this before

Angelina Jathanna

I wish I knew this before

Smitha Raju

I wish I knew this before

Manni Sandhu

I wish I knew this before

Rebecca Prakash

Nope. I'm cool as cucumber I know I will reach on time.

gousi anjum

What about for the second many hrs it will; lasts


This is just in time

Anjali Midha

This is just in time

Ekta Nidhi

Just in time

Priyanka Surkar

This is just in time

Rachana Sharma

How much; should i wait at home once the Labour pain starts n then go to hospital?


Helpful info


Now I'm.worried about this long labour pain. ..😪🙈😯

Nehamukesh sikerwar

How can we know.. it's labour pain

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