Pregnancy Week 32: Signs And Symptoms

At this stage you will notice that your uterus tightens and relaxes at sporadic intervals. These are Braxton-Hicks contractions and they happen randomly through the day. If you are busy at work you might not even notice them. This is just your uterus exercising and preparing for labor. Braxton-Hicks contractions are mild, short, sporadic, painless and have no effect on the cervix.

Breathlessness, loss of appetite, acidity and frequent urination are all the symptoms you can expect this week. All this might make you feel very uncomfortable but hang in there, this is going to last only for a few weeks more. It is natural to feel heavy and experience some amount of backache.

At this point, sleep might also be difficult due to nasal congestion. You may find it comfortable to sleep in a semi sitting position as it eases nasal congestion and does not compress the blood supply to the uterus.


Pregnancy Week By Week

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Akshaya Naresh

This is just in time

Angelina Jathanna

This is so well written.

Michelle D'mello

I wish I knew this before

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This is just in time

Urmila Gupta


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This is just in time

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This is just in time

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This is just in time

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This is just in time

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This is just in time


This is exactly what I was looking for.

Snehal Shinde

Facing the same currently. Useful post


I wish I knew this before


This is so well written.


Urination become my first job now... 33 weeks. Very much frequent and it's too tuff to lay down or get up or sit somewhere. I wonder till when this will remain.

lipi nair

Very true iam too experiencing the same


Going through the same. useful post

Salma Sayyed

This is just in time

Mrs. Vibha Tak

Facing the same problem at this stage feeling so much uncomfortable...... anxiety also thr which was affect whole bony

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This is just in time. backache is seriously very painful


Very true same I had experience the same

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I wish I knew this before


I wish I knew this before

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Me also facing these problems


Same thing happening with me..

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I wish I knew this before

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Ys I fil same experience

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