Pregnancy Week 32: Old Wives' Tales

Pregnant women are discouraged from taking regular baths towards the end of pregnancy as it is said that a bath can bring on early labour.

This is not true. A regular bath keeps you fresh and germ-free. Very hot water baths must be avoided to maintain womb temperature. It is only after your water breaks that a bath must be avoided to reduce risk of infection.


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Akshaya Naresh

This is just in time

Manni Sandhu

This is so well written.

Kritika Kumar

I wish I knew this before

Charu Khairnar

Nice information...

Mahi raj rawat

This is just in time


Thnks fr infrmng us

Deepti Tanwar


Neeta Shetty

This is just in time


This is exactly what I was looking for.

Kavita Garg

This is just in time

Kavita Garg

This is just in time

Rashmita Basak

thanks for the sharing


Thanks for d information ...but I think pregnant women needs more real information rather than hope for some useful information..


I used to take twice daily as I suffered from severe itching due to hormonal changes at my 30th week and hot shower 😞

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