Pregnancy Week 33: Old Wives' Tales

Many cultures dictate that the expecting woman’s mother cannot be a part of labor and birth. It is said that if the mum-to-be’s mum is told when her daughter goes into labor, it can result in bad luck for her. There is no truth to this. However, it is important that you only take those you’re absolutely comfortable with you in the birthing room.


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Ams C

Why do you even publish such things? This creates unnecessary doubts in people's mind who till now were unaware about such rubbish beliefs. This should not be in baby chakra at all.

Rebecca Prakash

I definitely need my mom with me.

Nisha Sharma

I am blessed with baby boy on Tuesday.. ty baby chakra for your guidance 😊

Nazia Haidar

What nonsense I definately need my mother wid me

C Nagrale

I need my hubby wid me..😆

Sowmya Anand

I need my hubby with me. I feel so strong when he is around me.

Jyotika mallik

I need my husband; with me during my labour and depivery...


Obviously I need my hubby with me during my labour. I feel so strong and secure.

Ankita Mishra

My in-laws n husband won't be coming hospital as they dat case my mother will only come along ...I don't think anyone can bring bad luck as fate is decided by God ....I didn't like the topic as rightly said by Amrita Gaur as some people might doubt or worry if anything wrong happens ...

Rachana Sharma

I also agree with Amtita gaur

Keerthika C

Yes.. I agree with Amrita Gaur.. This should not be publishef


Parents are strength to their children not bad luck...So stop publishing such article

Sneha Lodhi

This is what exactly told to me by my mom

zalak shah

I need my mom and my husband with me... My mom is my strength

Saleha Shaan Belim

I agree with Ams C


Ams C - agree with you. Why would you even publish such rumours. Wrong belifes needs to be discarded and you guys a re publishing... too foolish...

Shikha Sharma

During my birth and my brother n sister's birth (they are twins) my mum's mother was dere n i dun feel like is dere any bad luck or something. Its all bout deviate one's mind into unnecessary stuffs ans beliefs.

nimmi rathore

This is myth..

Madhu Joshi

My mother is a doctor! She's definitely going to be there!!@

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