Pregnancy Week 34: Signs And Symptoms

It might now be extremely difficult to sleep at night, as turning and changing positions will get difficult. You might also need to get up frequently to urinate which will also disturb your sleep. This is probably just nature’s way of preparing you for sleepless nights ahead!

Excessive tiredness might happen often now and every ache and pain that you feel in your abdomen will raise an alarm, since you are expecting to go into labor anytime now!

By this week, fatigue might set in again and it's perfectly fine to be tired at this point, given the physical strain, the restless nights and frequent pee breaks you are undergoing at the moment.


Pregnancy Week By Week

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Kavita Khanna

This is just in time

Gayatri Thakur

I wish I knew this before

Ami Panchal

I wish I knew this before

Meeta Rajani

Exactly that's what I am; going through😁

Sneha Khandait

This is exactly how m feeling

Shridevi Pawan Shilwant

Same happening with me...

Swati khurana

This is just in time

Desai Simoni

This is d same situation m facing at n8 r8 nw

Viral Savla

I wish I knew this before


This is just in time... feeling xactly the same...

Priya Yadav

This is so well written.

Charu Khairnar

Same thing happened with me...

Mahi raj rawat

This is just in time

Sweta Jha

same happening to me

Preeti Singh

This is just in time

Nazia Hassan

Same happening with me

Shreejita banerjee dey

exactly what i m feeling right now..

Amruta Naik

Simply love these tips..

Mohammed Rehaan

yes...its totaly true nw i feel this things

Sowmya Anand

Exactly what I'm going through right now.

Shilpa D

Exactly same thing happening

Disha Vyas

Same feeling

Mrs Ranjan

This is exactly what I was looking for. - Bang on

Going through exactly the same situation!

Jaya Tomar

feeling the same thing 🙁


This is exactly what I was looking for.

Neelam Deswal

This is happening with me nowadays....


Exactly going through all this


This is exactly what I was looking for.

Priyanka Singh

Exactly sailing in d same boat😃

Macrina Shetty

I wish I knew this before

Shradha Damle

Exactly the same i am feeling now. Still i am keeping my daily activities on to stay fresh

KrisDom RyeeXrpaa

Right now I am facing this one...

manisha Upadhyay

Same happening with me also


This is how I feel right now...


Blessed with cutie baby girl but premature

Kriti Jain

Exactly what is happening to me these days😆


yes exactly

Shehnaz Bano

Similar situation


This is just in time

Purnima Tamang

Me too facing this situation..🤗🤗

Salma Sayyed

This is just in time


Going thru exactly same things


Tq u for dis tips

jaseena Ghouse basha

This is just in time

Laxmi Sharma

This is just in time


same happening with me

JR Collections

This is exactly what my wife is going through now a days.

Goldi Dogra

Feeling same


Yes I feel the abdominal pain. So does it mean I can expect earlier?

Nimmi rathore

Feeling same

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