Pregnancy Week 34: Old Wives' Tales

You are probably now being asked to sweep and swab the floor as this is supposed to ease the delivery process.

It is really not necessary to do this as at times, when you squat incorrectly, you might end up pushing your baby’s head up with your thighs and this can prevent the head from engaging.


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Sneha Khandait Deshmukh Merline Joffy Priti Singh Shipra Dang Kataria

Good info. I used 2 do, not 2 ease labour, but as a daily routine I used 2.
Thanx Rebecca Prakash 4 tag

Chala to jata nai thik se... squat karna to bahat dur hai... but this is informative for moms to be who are suppressed by such myths...

Really it's hard to move...

Squatting asanas like the butterfly pose when done correctly can help as they strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

This is exactly what I was looking for.

Shipra Dang Kataria totally agree wid u..😂😂😂idhar khade khade khana mushkil se ban jata he squat ke. Bare me sochne se v dar lagta he..ek baar try Kiya Tha just 2 min Kiya uske baad decided Kiya ab nahi karugi..hota hi nahi mujse to..😂😂😂

Ladies u can do butterfly and kegel exercise. me also walking n standing for long time is very difficult but this two exercise really helpful for normal delivery.

God know but I can do it and on regular basis pe mai ye karti hu.

I can't do any exercise because of my back pain. Can't even stand or walk for 5 min. What should i do? Last month started now

First pregnancy me exercise krti thi regular. Jyada back pain Nahi tha. This time really painful. I can't even talk to someone for 5mins. Have to find some support to sit.

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