Pregnancy Week 35: Physical Development

Routine. You might be feeling huge and a bit worried about losing weight post delivery. Remember, weight loss post pregnancy has to be gradual. Vigorous exercise or dieting after delivery does more harm than good. Read up and consult your doctor before you begin postnatal fitness routine.


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This is so well written.

M 35 weeks pregnant nd i feel the baby movements at ryt side only..
Z dt norml??

All women have different experience. ..m also 35 week pregnant baby movement at middle of bally only

I am also 34week pregnant and only feel d baby movement on my right side belly

So we'll written.

I m also 35week pregnant,I feel the baby moment most of right side.

I am 35 weeks pregnant; my baby also moves in right direction and the movements are slow not as prominent; as; second trimester

I wish I knew this before

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