Pregnancy Week 35 Emotional Changes

Make sure you spend some time with your partner as birth approaches. The poor dads-to-be and their feelings are often ignored during pregnancy as all the fuss is about the mum!

Many expectant dads are nervous about being able to make it to the hospital on time. Others might be worried about holding up while watching their wife in so much pain. Few might also be anxious about the new responsibility. So reassure each other that you will take this on together and that should help you with the performance anxiety!


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I wish I knew this before

This is so well written.

This is so well written.

Unfortunately my partner is not with me.he is in America.

miss my husband

This is just in time

Why do I always find common set of comments on every 'Tip of the Day's posts? Doesn't look genuine at all🙈

Hey Neha Sharma thats because when you select one of the smileys at the righthand corner at the end of the post page, these comments come attached to each one. Depending on the smiley you choose, the comment gets updated.

I am thinking the child I m having is only mine as neither husband or in laws are excited or care about it. My mother in-law said yesterday she doesn't care if baby is born on roadside or hospital...thanks to God I have my parents

Tells me how..

Tells me how..

Ankita Mishra : such a callous persons. Just take care of yourself n baby. Hope things will change for better


Missing my sweet hubby

My husband is always with me

Ankita mishra you are strong woman be positive and tk care of yourself

My husband and my both families are always with me to support and care. God bless us all

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