3 Guided Yoga Practices Brought To You By MomStar Aditi: Exclusively On BabyChakra

It’s not just from great men, inspiration can strike from one among us. The community of helpful moms, here on BabyChakra, found one such inspiration - MomStar Aditi Manja! A mother of an 11-month-old baby, she is also popularly known as #slayfitmama.

Her words, her pictures and now her videos have left us dumbstruck! She is truly phenomenal - the way she always exudes positive energy, is available whenever someone needs her help and the way she practises Yoga! For most, she is like that bright star that you silently aspire to be.

For this year’s International Yoga Day, she took the pains of sharing three amazing videos with us: We bet you will watch them on loop if you play once!

Watch them here!



Next time, you lose your calm or feel meditation is boring, watch this video and follow MomStar Aditi. It is as simple as that!




Join her in the breathing practice and increase your oxygen supply!




Surya Namaskar

Greet the sun with Aditi and perform this classic Yoga practice for good health and wellness.




If you have got a secret sauce / talent that you want to share with the community, please start sharing tips / tricks / experiences related to your areas of interest on the App. Afterall, it is about sisterhood and helping each other.


Don’t miss to share your reactions about Aditi’s videos in the comments or hit the emoticons!


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Comments (7)

Prashanthi srikanth

Yoga is better for health

Priya Sood

Love this one!

Gunjan B

How much can I loose with these yogasan


This is so well written.


When can one Start surya namaskar after delivery.. i had normal delivery

Amardeep Kaur Mann

Thank you Aditi

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