How To Develop Your Child’s Brain: 11 Months

How To Develop Your Child’s Brain: 11 Months

29 Jun 2017 | 4 min Read

Kuhoo Gupta (The K Junction)

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A baby of 11 months is more of a wanderer, both mentally and physically. At this age, the baby understands actions, words and  requests from the caregivers. It is great to keep your baby involved in fun activities to keep him engaged and help the development of his skills.

To satisfy the ever curious and exploring little beings and their “absorbent minds”, let us talk about how you can engage your 11 months old baby with some easy activities. These activities are mere pointers/guidelines. So feel free to tweak them as per your child’s interest and understanding.


Ice Exploration

Just grab small toys or even household items that are not pointed, put it in a bowl of water and freeze it. Give the frozen ice to your baby in a tub or container and let her marvel at it. She would love to feel the ice, see what is hidden inside, feel surprised where the water is coming from, and how the toy is emerging from within. A great activity for sensory stimulation and a perfect summer time fun. If she bangs the ice, it might even break, so it teaches cause and effect.


Mirror Play

Babies love to see themselves in the mirror. We can start telling them their body parts or parts of the face while playing in front of the mirror. Tell them where are the eyes, nose etc. You can also try singing rhymes of body parts to add the music effect. At this age, their right brain is more active than the left brain, and the right brain is also a music center. So babies love anything related to music & are naturally attracted to it.


Music Instrument

I have talked about the benefits of music in my earlier articles and also talked about other music instruments that you can introduce to your babies as early as 7 months. One more instrument you can introduce is maracas, a beautiful rhythm instrument. Lot of mommy entrepreneurs these days sell kid-sized maracas & other music instruments & kids love it!


Curd Painting

Mix edible (food) colors in curd and serve them in a cookie mould for easy access or even in small bowls. Tape a paper on the floor and let your baby mess around. It is a wonderful sensory exercise & a precursor to painting activities that your child will enjoy in future. I used these masterpieces to adorn my cupboards and walls. ☺



Some magnet fun can be interesting for babies while they sit in front of an almirah & play with them. You can get big sized magnets with vehicles or fruits etc printed on them & let your baby explore how it sticks to some surfaces & not to others. Make sure you supervise this very closely that the magnets are not taken into the mouth.  This also teaches about cause & effect & stimulates their reasoning & observation skills.

Outdoor Fun

It is never too early to take them to field trips, as simple as a zoo! They might not be speaking much right now but they are in a sensitive period of language at this age & they absorb everything in their environment. And I think every kid enjoys watching animals because this is something we tend to show them in the books too. So when the print comes to reality, babies jump with joy.


That is it for now and do look out for more such easy-to-do, month-wise activities for children in this series.


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