My Baby’s Photo Journal Month-By-Month: The DIY Way!

Before I was a mom, “Time flies!” was just a saying for me, but with my munchkin in my arms, I feel that every month! She is growing up so fast and with new levels of cuteness!

I decided to celebrate each month and capture on camera with different themes and am equally to share those pictures with you!

For her first month’s birthday, I took a foam sheet and cut it into shape of 1 and got it stitched on her romper!



 For her second month’s birthday, I got flowers of the same color as her dress and arranged them beside her :-)



 I ordered a 3 shaped animal themed balloon from Amazon for the third month and got her a dress of the same color!



For her 4th month birthday, I bought a milestone sticker along with a onesie!



We made the 5th one special with colorful flowers, made from crepe paper. I then cut out 5 out of a thermacole sheet and pinned these flowers on it.



For the half year milestone, I got a hand printed onesie which said it! Coupled it up with a pink skirt, and placed many balloons matching her dress!



I look forward to sharing many more  milestones with my darling! I am share you do too! I would love to see your baby’s pictures in the comments and yes, don’t miss to hit if you like my ideas!


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Comments (52)

Good idea she is  so adorable

Thanks foram

vow lovely ideas...! and adorable cutie...

this is lovely. she's is beautiful

Thanksss !! ❤️❤️

This is exactly what I was looking for.

Hey richa.. Happy to know that.. I have many more ideas which i did after 6 months.. Ping me if u need any help !!

very cute ideas...she is so cutie

very creative 👍

Lovely😘 love the creativity and the baby girl is so so cute.  I felt like eating her cheeks.  God bless her 😍😘

really wawww super cutoo baby!
how creative ur ideas dear

Very nice, every mom like to do for her baby.. Something different.

I had done something different for my baby boy. Mada home made cake, that is not chocolate cake,  not a pastries. But its a HANDWA CAKE. And all you can see  how he excited to cut the cake he just only that 9 month baby boy Birthday🍰. Amazing & we surprised his actions with cute lovely reaction.

Comment image

gr8 ideas..hats off to the enthu..

great ideas

@Meghna Tailor both look yum baby and the cake 😘😍
Baby is so cute and adorable

@Meghna tailor that looks lovely and your baby is soooo cuteeo

Wow meghna.. Those pics makes a lovely collage and such a cute baby !!

Sounds like so much fun.

Really very nice!

Thank you so much ALL of you. 🤗🤗🤗  I like to do something creative & something different from waste to make best.

sooo cuteee....

Very thoughtfully done!

lovely and from u I got some useful ideas for my 7 month old doll. thanks

Nicely done and Very good idea..

Sounds like so much fun.

so beautifully done... amazing...

Sounds like so much fun.

This is exactly what I was looking for.

so cuteee
u done well dear mommy

Fabulous work u did... very creative...

This is exactly what I was looking for. - Bang on!

wow.. its lovely.

its really nice just soooo good


she is so adorable

congrats dear

wow.. amazing idea...touch wood, your baby is so cute.. loved her..

Wow so cool

Sounds like so much fun.

It's so beautiful...

Wow .. dats grt idea... N ur doll is lovely adorable....

I have also made monthly album for Aarvi , every month on her birthdays we capture moments for sweet memories 😇

nice im also do like that

@Anisha Agarwal pls share ideas

Anisha Agarwal pls share more ideas

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