My Baby’s Photo Journal Month-By-Month: The DIY Way!

My Baby’s Photo Journal Month-By-Month: The DIY Way!

30 Jun 2017 | 2 min Read

Anisha Agarwal

Author | 18 Articles

Before I was a mom, “Time flies!” was just a saying for me, but with my munchkin in my arms, I feel that every month! She is growing up so fast and with new levels of cuteness!

I decided to celebrate each month and capture on camera with different themes and am equally to share those pictures with you!

For her first month’s birthday, I took a foam sheet and cut it into shape of 1 and got it stitched on her romper!



 For her second month’s birthday, I got flowers of the same color as her dress and arranged them beside her 🙂



 I ordered a 3 shaped animal themed balloon from Amazon for the third month and got her a dress of the same color!



For her 4th month birthday, I bought a milestone sticker along with a onesie!



We made the 5th one special with colorful flowers, made from crepe paper. I then cut out 5 out of a thermacole sheet and pinned these flowers on it.



For the half year milestone, I got a hand printed onesie which said it! Coupled it up with a pink skirt, and placed many balloons matching her dress!



I look forward to sharing many more  milestones with my darling! I am share you do too! I would love to see your baby’s pictures in the comments and yes, don’t miss to hit if you like my ideas!


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