Look, it is Shirin Watwani!

Meet another Rockstar Mumpreneur - Shirin Watwani , the co-face of Look it's me! Here she shares her story of starting up Look it's me - creating personalised children's books while also mommying her 4 year old son Ishaan.

My Mom Quotient:

As a mother, I do what comes naturally to me and have realized that it's a give and take relationship between my 4 year old son Ishaan and me. If I want Ishaan to listen to me and learn from me, then I have to reciprocate the same. At the same time, it's also important to set the limits of do's and don'ts. The responsibility of making sure that I raised a level headed, respectful, compassionate child always scared me. However, I've learnt that you have to let go, and that by giving a bit, you get a lot more.

My Mom Inc. Story:

Becoming an entrepreneur wasn't really something I planned. It just happened with an idea and a dream, and our desire of achieving it. Since I have my own child, I understand the gaps in the market and how frustrating it can be to find the perfect gift for a child, especially a high quality personalized one. Also, beautiful illustrations excite me, so it all just fell into place. We launched only mid Feb 2014, and we we've already been featured in yourstory.com, The Hindu Metroplus, DNA etc. The orders are also increasing daily as awareness spreads.

My Inspiration:

I would have to say that launching Look It's Me was not easy, but we, as a team, continuously inspired and supported each other. We all brought something unique to the table – Shivani with her business experience, and Sheetal and I with our creative experience.

Advice/ Tips:

I think one of the most critical things to remember is to take one step at a time. The final product may seem like too big a task. Just believe in what you do, take baby steps and it will all work. I am lucky because Ishaan is very understanding and gives me the space I need. Also, it definitely helps that my partner Sheetal's kids are the same age, so while they're playing together, we work!

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