How to Keep Toddlers Busy at Home: DIY Handprint Art

How to Keep Toddlers Busy at Home: DIY Handprint Art

There is no doubt about how much kids love messy play. It helps in brain and sensory development too. Hence, let the creativity flow and get your child involved in some fun hand painting art this monsoon!


To get you inspired and help you unleash your imagination, we have curated some of these fantastic ideas from Pinterest. Watch them and make them too!

Things you’ll need

  • Drawing/ Chart paper
  • Watercolors (BBC TIP: Tube colours work the best)
  • Water
  • Disposable plates
  • Decorative items – shimmer powder, shimmer glue
  • Sketch pens  


Flamingos in Water



Use Maroon + White paint to make a nice light shade of Pink. Print your kido’s palm on the drawing paper. Once the handprint dries, turn the paper upside down and paint the rest of the scene like in the image above.


Turtle Twins



Again, the magic of inverted handprints in Dark Green! You can go ahead and make the underwater scene complete with sea grass and other marine life.  


Pair of Chicks



Yellow fluffy chicks, pecking away at grains! Simple and fun way to learn about birds and their food.


Fish in a Bowl



It’s a Gold Fish in a Bowl. Worried if you can take care of a pet? Or don’t have space for a fish tank? Get your child to make his/ her own pet fish!


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