8 Mom Bloggers Who We Love on BabyChakra

8 Mom Bloggers Who We Love on BabyChakra

11 Jul 2017 | 3 min Read


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We love Moms who love to help each other! We have some Mom bloggers who have always helped Moms in the BabyChakra community – whether it is through writing articles on BabyChakra or by being there for Moms on the App! We took this opportunity to feature 8 such wonderful Moms!


1. Kuhoo Singer Gupta – http://the-k-junction.blogspot.in/

A Computer science engineer, singer turned Montessori mother, healer and a lot more…Kuhoo’s articles have always been loved by readers on BabyChakra. She is also available to help whenever any mother has questions on early learning, books, toys and so on…


Follow Kuhoo on BabyChakra for being a more informed parent.




2. Manveen Dua – motheropedia.com

A bold writer with a great writing style. Bank on Manveen for help on topics that you are otherwise afraid of asking around – whether it is sex or shaving your private parts, she has dealt them with elegance and compassion.


Follow Manveen on BabyChakra if you have tough questions to ask.




3. Prisha Lalwani – www.mummasaurus.com

Even if you reach out for help in an odd hour, you will always find Prisha. She truly knows how to deal with the bad days of motherhood with a dash of practical humour! She is also affectionately known as Honey 🙂


Follow Prisha / Honey on BabyChakra for tips on managing sanity while raising twin boys!




4. Preetjyot Kaur Mehra – www.mylittlemuffin.com

A mother of 2 girls, her posts and answers are  sure to bring a smile on your face 🙂 She is known for breaking stereotypes if it makes rational sense to her. She is also an ardent babywearing mum.


Follow Preetjyot on BabyChakra for being in good and fun company!




5. Charu Sareen Gujjal – http://themomsagas.com

A sweet and gentle mumma of a pair of adorable twins. Her smile completely hides her frenzy of being a mother of twins, more so when she is ever ready to help other Moms on the BabyChakra App.


Follow Charu on BabyChakra for questions on raising twins or making a likeminded friend.





6. Umaima Abdulally – https://beingamommyblog.wordpress.com/

If you are a foodie or care about what you or your child should eat during phases of motherhood, you can’t miss Umaima’s recipes with details that no one else tells you.


Follow Umaima on BabyChakra for anything to do with food and lip-smacking recipes.




7. Jasmeet Kaur Deep – http://mommyvoyage.com/

A pretty momma and a teacher, she has cared to train herself on parenting techniques.


Follow Jasmeet on BabyChakra for all things to do with toddler behavior or daily dose of parenting gyaan!




8. Anshu Bhojnagarwala – https://firsttimemommy.net/

An absolute no-nonsense Mom blogger, Anshu’s tips on things to do with parenting are simple yet practical. She is also a conscious citizen and is vocal about societal and environmental  issues.


Follow Anshu on BabyChakra if you care to raise a good human being. Also catch up on her children’s book reviews on BabyChakra.



Tell us who love the most and why! Don’t forget to tag them with @firstname lastname so that they know 🙂


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