10 Activities That You Can Do With A High-Energy, Active Kid Anytime, AnyWhere

It is fine if your toddler or pre-schooler doesn’t recite rhymes or rattle off alphabets and numbers yet. You can even expose them to various sensorial activities. That helps them stay alert and focused too!


It works especially well for kids who are high on energy and literally can’t settle their bum at one place for more than a minute!


Try out these 10 awesome activities with your kids and don’t forget to join them too!


1. Jumping Jack: Jump high and flap your arms up-n-down.



2. Crawling through tunnels/ objects (chairs or under tables)



3. Animal Crawls – Have fun crawling like a monkey, a bear or hop like a kangaroo



4. Ball Pass - This is an evergreen activity and always works well with kids from 0-5 years!



5. Climbing Trees/ Jungle Gym – Understanding coordination of limbs



6. Yoga Moves – stretch and breathe and calm down!



7. Going outside for a walk/ hike – be one with the nature



8. Biking – cycle away!



9. Swimming – Have fun splashing!



10. Listening to upbeat/ calming music – kick up your feet and groove or just calm your nerves.


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This is so well written.

This is so well written.

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