Meet the Ravishing Mom Duo: Parul & Ritu

Meet the Ravishing Mom Duo: Parul & Ritu

Meet another talented and inspiring Mom duo- Parul & Ritu who followed their dreams of doing something exciting. They pooled in their skills, experience and passion to form a venture they and many other parents truly love – RIVOKIDS. This is their story of mommyhood and entrepreneurship.. Read on !

1. My Mom Quotient

A. Parul: I am a very hands on mother. I need to know
everything happening in my kids lives and be a part of it.My parenting style had bedtime stories and board games as key components in my kid's upbringing. When my kids were little I made up stories to communicate to them the messages I found hard otherwise to get across, be it eating healthy food or stopping tantrums in public. Today with teen kids, I have evolved as a mom - from fussing too much to letting go at times. While I am always there when they need me, now I like my space and give them theirs too.

B. Ritu: I think Parenting styles evolve as the kids grow and it's always a learning experience! When my kids were smaller, we did lots of art projects and crafts together. Then it evolved to mostly dropping them and picking them up from classes. Now that they are in Senior School it's mostly about conversation and finding out what is happening in their lives, what interests them and what they would like to study or what career choices they would like to make.


2. My Mom Inc. Story:

A. Parul: After 12 years of corporate experience in e-commerce domain and technology, I was working as freelance IT consultant for online solutions, when I felt the desire to do something more. I was looking to do something that could give me scale and yet allow me the time flexibility I wanted. With my corporate experience in online domain, IT and keen involvement in my kids' growth and development, an Online platform for Parents and Kids emerged as a natural choice.



B. Ritu: It was August of 2011. After being on a break for a year I was mulling over what to do next. I had moved back from the USA in 2005 and started Saviance Technologies and grew it to a 100+ team. Like Parul, I also wanted to do something different, something that I was truly passionate about and enjoyed. Entrepreneurship is exciting, its truly like having and watching a baby take shape and grow. Parul and me connected instantly and felt we could form a great team.

After few months of brainstorming, we zeroed in on the one thing we were both passionate about – Raising Bright Happy Kids. As Parents, we had also experienced a strong need for an online Memory or Scrapbook to capture the MeethiMemories of our Parenting journey and RivoKids was conceptualized with the tagline – Smart Ideas & Fun Moments – to HELP parents Raise Bright, Happy, Talented Kids. RivoKids, India's first Community for Parents & Kids, was launched in August 2012.Two years from our launch, RivoKids has proven success and today has a tightly targeted parent and kids user base of over 50000 (37000+ FB Fans and 14500+ registered users).

3. Who inspired/ supported me:

A. Parul: Inspiration and support came from family (kids, spouse and in-laws) as well as friends. Family helped by being patient when we were busy and away. Friends help spread the news about the platform through social networks and tested the platform and gave valuable feedback. They also helped in getting traction with users and clients.

B. Ritu: I am always inspired by the quote from Confucius - Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life. I admire people who have been able to translate their passion into full time careers. I really think they have the best of both worlds.

4. Advice/tips:

A. Parul:For entrepreneurs, the most important advice is to 'Hang in there'. Success will come but very often it takes longer than we expect. So, have faith in yourself and your product, and the world will eventually believe you!

B. Ritu:Stay connected, read a lot, esp outside your chosen field to get fresh ideas 'n a new perspective. You never know when and where inspiration may strike!Time Management is also crucial when you are working from home. Slot a time for housework and make sure it does not enroach on your work time. This is critical, otherwise if there is constant overlap its very difficult to concentrate and get anything done.

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