How To Develop Your Child's Brain: 12 Months

How To Develop Your Child's Brain: 12 Months

Your baby is ONE! Wow & congratulations!

You are exhausted to see she is going everywhere and mouthing every possible thing she finds. Here I am, with my suggestions on Montessori inspired / play-way activities that you can safely give to babies who put everything in their mouth at this age.


Ice Painting: Take a popsicle mould, pour drinking water & add drops of different food colors & freeze. Once frozen, give it to your baby along with a piece of paper & let her create her first (edible) water color painting.  You can even use a normal ice cube tray with small spoon or toothpick as a handle.




Reading Books: I cannot stress more upon the benefits of reading books. Montessori suggests keeping activities and books at the eye level of the child so that the child can help himself. It is a good idea to have a book shelf or container on the floor. Board/picture books work great for this age.




Posting / Dropping Activity: Your baby will love dropping items on the floor by now! It is a great fine motor skill to master. Here is your safe edible dropping activity – makhaanaa. Cut a hole in a container and smoothen its edges and let your baby drop makhaanaas into the hole. It helps build concentration too.




Water Animals Sensory Bin: Teach them names of water animals in an exciting hands-on way with this sensory bin that has edible stuff. Soak sabza (chia/basil) seeds in water for some time till they swell up. Put them along with drinking water and water animal figurines. The touch of these seeds is very unique and a great sensory input to babies. You can also talk about those animals and explain that they live in water. It is perfectly fine if your child mouths the small chia seeds.



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