I Planned my Baby’s Arrival, But it Lasted Only Until my Baby Was Born. Here’s Why.

I Planned my Baby’s Arrival, But it Lasted Only Until my Baby Was Born. Here’s Why.

I had a lot of time on my hands during those 9 months, so I planned each and everything in detail. It helped that a lot of my friends had just gone through it so I got real life advice from them. By the 6th month,I had everything ready from a breast pump to nipple shields to a million swaddles. We even designed our own crib because I felt that the ones in the market were too flimsy and I wanted something which the baby will use till he was 5 (illusions soon to be shattered!).We also had the baby gym and high chair ready.


I had two bags  ready for the hospital with a detailed list of what’s in each one of them. I had tagged everything I thought was going to be needed and neatly arranged baby’s clothes as per the time period it would be required in. As per my understanding, new born clothes for the first 15 days and 0-3 months clothes for after. I had hand written menus for my mother or my mother-in-law to get the cook to make when I was in the hospital or home busy cuddling with the baby.


I had ordered special creams and potions and what not from USA for my baby’s and my bum!

I contemplated for days and nights  whether we needed to buy a diaper table. In the end, I made my husband move his writing table to our room and created an elaborate diaper changing station.


I had a clear picture of the first time we will bring the baby home. I had bought two outfits complete with caps and mittens for the baby’s official greh pravesh! Every need and eventuality had been thought of, cataloged carefully, spoke about, explained to my partner.


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