3 Types of Cloth Diapers: as Shared by MomStar Neha

If you care for the environment, for costs and your baby’s skin, cloth diapers are the way to go. Read what MomStar Neha Sharma has to share.


I have used 3 different types of cloth diapers


1. Cover Diapers

These are waterproof covers and are used with an insert where the insert is in direct contact of skin. It can be used with disposable liners too. There are greater chances for leakage with these type of covers.




2. Pocket Diapers

These are just like diaper covers but has an inner absorbent lining attached. It has a pocket opening which allows you to put an insert into it for extra absorption.




3. All-in-one Diapers

As the name suggests, these are one piece diapers which consists of absorbent inserts stitched inside the inner lining of the Diaper.



To know more about the types of inserts available in the market and make your choice of the right cloth diaper, please read Neha’s complete post here.


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If you really love the idea of Cloth Diapers and want to buy, click here


Share your experiences of diapering in the comments below.


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Comments (16)

Neha Sharma

This will be so helpful for moms who want to start with cloth diapering!!

Meenakshi Bhargav

I wish I knew this before


Very nice article Neha. Well done!!!

Meenakshi Bhargav

m.confused which one to buy plz tell

Neha Sharma

Meenakshi Bhargav it's good that u are planning to buy cloth diapers, it depends on ur requirement. if u plan to completely shift to cloth diapers and pee count is more then All-in-one Diapers are best.


Sony Pooja Dadhwal Macdalin Suresh Andrew

Neha Sharma

thanks a lot Priya Sood ❤

Meenakshi Bhargav

OK thanks but my question is which cloth diaper should I buy I mean cover, pocket or other one n wat about size , my baby is 2.5 months


Neha Sharma are hybrid diapers different from aio diapers?

Neha Sharma

Hi Pooja, yes hybrid diapers are different from AIO, these are also known as AI2 (All in 2) diapers - they are almost similar to a diaper cover but have a inner mesh lining which allows to use it as a cover or as a pocket diaper.

Neha Sharma

Meenakshi, which diaper you should buy is completely your decision, depending on the requirement. I am using AIO and found it best till now, you can buy that. most diapers are one size fit all, that you have to check in the description section.

Nishu Jalan

Hi Neha Sharma, I hav bought AIO supperbottoms plus for my 3 months old son. The problem I'm facing is the stitched soaker which takes more than 24 hrs to dry even after drying it on m/c. Becoz of which im unable to use the diaper cover (which dries quickly) as both are attached.So i hav unstitched that liner to let it dry and meanwhile puting an extra soaker(which i received along with it) in the diaper cover.But the problem is that soaker doesn't contains the dry fabric.Its just a thick piece of cloth which becomes wet in one pee.what to do now

nino bambino

GREAT ARTICLE. #clothdiapering

Nia Gahlot

ppl you can try here alsohttps://m.facebook.com/Allboutbaby/
i was just searching found the link gud diapers and  nice prints.

Parampreet Kaur

Tells me how..

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