10 Natural Ways to Get Good Sleep During Pregnancy

10 Natural Ways to Get Good Sleep During Pregnancy

Spending sleepless nights during pregnancy? Don’t worry, That’s common.


Try doing these things to relax your nervous system!


1. Warm bath before bed: A bath with lukewarm water just before bed is known to improve your muscular circulation and relax all your body muscles, hence inducing a good sleep.


2. Chamomile tea: Also known as ‘Sleep Tea’  is known to increase the level of glycine which soothes the muscles and nerves, having a sedative effect on brain.


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3. Warm Milk with Cinnamon and Honey: Warm glass of milk aids release of tryptophan which turns to serotonin in body. Serotonin modulates sleep. Cinnamon and honey have no proven effects on sleep, but are known to relax muscles putting you to sleep.  




4. Foot Massage: There is nothing in the world more relaxing than a good foot massage. And if it is done by your partner, then the feelings cannot be expressed in words. Take the advantage of pregnancy and get a nice foot massage from him.




5. Meditation: Learn meditation and relaxation techniques from your pre-natal counselors. Meditate for 5 minutes at least just before bed.




6. Aroma Therapy Oil: Use Aroma therapy oil or Lavender oil, to rub or spray on sheets and curtains in your room creating a soothing environment to sleep.



7. Magnesium: Make sure you are having enough food containing magnesium. Magnesium is a known natural muscle relaxer. It is also associated with release of melatonin, a hormone which maintains your wake and sleep cycle.


8. Prenatal Exercise: Why Should You Attend a Prenatal Class? Regular exercise tires you enough to give you a good night sleep.


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9. Caffeine: Limit the intake of caffeine or products containing it such as Coffee, tea, sodas and aerated drinks.



10. Try Homoeopathy: Did you try homeopathy for fighting your pregnancy woes? Homoeopathy has various remedies for insomnia during pregnancy. It is safe, natural with no side-effects.


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