Do You Boil Milk Before Drinking Or Offering To Your Child? Think Again!

Do You Boil Milk Before Drinking Or Offering To Your Child? Think Again!

We’ve seen our moms do it, and we continue to do it too. Boiling milk every morning has been a routine for most of us. Correct? But according to a recently published article in The Times of India, boiling ‘pasteurized’ diminishes its nutritional value. Dr Anil Kumar, assistant professor, Department of Food Science and Technology at GB Pant University, adds, “Pasteurized milk can be stored at less than 4 degree Celsius for atleast seven days. If you boil this milk, you are only  lessening this time  period.



Researchers and nutritionists believe that the 19th century method of pasteurization works to keep milk fresh. During pasteurization, milk is heated at extremely high temperatures (upto 161.6 Fahrenheit for 15 seconds) and cooled immediately before it goes for packaging. It is believed that this helps keep the milk fresh.


Traditionally, we are used to boiling fresh dairy milk, many experts point out that this practice has continued even with the packaged pasteurized milk. Professor Saurabh Gupta of Food Cooperation of India (FCI) explains, 'When we are heating milk to such a high temperature during pasteurization, we are increasing its shelf life. If we boil this milk further, we end up lessening its shelf life.'




So think again before you put the milk on the gas burner today!


This article was originally published in The Times of India.


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