A Basic Guide to Silky Mashed Potatoes

A Basic Guide to Silky Mashed Potatoes

30 Sep 2014 | 2 min Read

Nameeta Sohoni

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I love silky mashed potatoes. They go well as pie toppings and spreads for crisps. The sweet, savoury and cheesy flavour profiles combine brilliantly for toddlers to potentially lap it up before you know it.

Ever since T’s pre-molars have sprouted, my scope for culinary experimentation has broadened, though my little ‘munchster’ is getting more and more selective about his preferences. It’s getting to a point of hit or miss. But that won’t stop me from getting him to try if nothing else!

This morning my dad very philosophically said to me when he saw me struggle with making T sit in a place to eat, something that he did so effortlessly when he was younger, “Nameeta, T is at an age where he will UN-learn everything and then re-learn”. I really hope he does daddy, for we are fast approaching the terrible two’s and I am dreading what I see already! 🙂

Anyway, I am glad he took  well to the mash and I used it to top off a veggie Stelline pasta bake which was a hit too! More on that in my next post.


For now, this is what you will need for a basic silky mashed potatoes:


1. 4 Potatoes halved and boiled

2. 1 Tbsp of Unsalted butter at room temperature

3. 3 Tbsp of Milk

4. Sugar to taste

5. A little grated cheese

6. Pinch of salt

7. Pinch of mustard powder




1. Peel and coarse mash by hand the potatoes

2. Add in all the ingredients and then use a hand held blender to blend

3. Blend until smooth


1. Well mash all the ingredients and pass the mix through a sieve for a fine consistency

2. Warm the mash and serve as a dip, spread, a bake dish topping or mix


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