3 Perfect Mess-free Art and Craft Activities for Your Messy Toddler

While we love to encourage our kids to do various activities, we can’t really do away with cleaning the mess over and over again. It would be like a dream if we can let them do what they want and not have to clean up after them!


So we found out these 3 ideas of No Mess Play, tried and tested by moms like you!


1. No Mess DIY Activity. Watch this mom indulge her LO with water painting, coloring in a pouch and some fun sticking activities, in a completely mess-free way!




2. No Mess Rainbow Art. Making Hand painted Rainbow was never mess free! Watch here how you can go crazy with paint in a ziplock!




3. No Mess Sensory Bags. Watch this mom as she puts together interesting, no mess sensory bags for her kid!



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