Try Out These 3 DIY Cooking / Chef - Themed Activities With Your Kid to Feed Their Busy Minds!

Try Out These 3 DIY Cooking / Chef - Themed Activities With Your Kid to Feed Their Busy Minds!

If your child is showing interest in cooking, here’s how you can nurture it.


These cooking - related DIY activities are  not only great fun for your little masterchef but aids building their developmental skills too.


Let’s set started!


1. Make and Decorate Make-Believe Cupcakes!

PodSquad has developed “The Cool Cupcake Craft” that is sure to keep your child busy for hours! After all, which kid doesn’t love cupcakes?


  • Steps: Mix plaster-of-Paris with a  little water, and pour the mix into cupcake moulds. Once set, decorate with paint, glitter, pom-pom balls and lots more to look like real cupcakes!




2. Apron-Decorating (Fruits and Vegetable design)

A fun (and yes, can be a bit messy!) activity that kids are sure to have a blast with. Use the finished apron as a gift or hang it up for all to admire.


  • Steps: Using a plain white bedsheet, draw the outline of an apron and let your kid cut it out. Cut out some fruit and vegetable shapes on coloured chart paper and stick these on the apron. Have some fun with the design by decorating the apron with glitter and paint.



3. Making Raspberry and Lemonade Popsicle

Lastly, try out a real cooking activity. Keep it simple, so that your child can independently follow the steps.


  • Steps:  Add raspberry puree and lemon juice to a cold sugar and water mixture and stir well. Pour into Popsicle moulds and freeze for 5 hours.

So hop into the kitchen, and get creative! Chef-based DIYs make a great theme for a birthday party as well.


Happy Cooking!


Share in the comments box if you and your child liked these ideas! Also share photos of your child doing these activities.

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